I use Google translate. :-)
I use Google translate. :-)
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Who lives in the houses?

Nobody knows. But I like to think that the mysterious inhabitants are playful, happy. A little mischievous, even. Just like my way of painting. The heavens may be dark. It’s often at night, maybe winter. But inside the houses, no one is freezing.

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A calm feeling 52x26cm 200ppi 5500kr.jpg

At the lake Gerdsken it's easy to enjoy different seasons during the years. Every 4 years the ice is thick enough to give the people living around it some nice new features. Skating, skiing or just being around for amusements.

I like to try new things. Some works are inspired by Piet Mondrian and Damien Hirst. And the other artwork, I hope you can give me a suggestion.

brände village from above.jpg

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