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Och vinnaren av "Herman is drumming loud today" är...

Houses on clouds. Art.

titel: Herman is drumming loud today!

New prints -limited editions
Abstracts -originals

A series of acrylic paintings. Painted on a mdf-board and a 5 cm wooden frame.

First pic
Original -houses on clouds

Who lives in the wobbly and crooked houses on the clouds. Can you ride a bike on the rope ladders? Nobody knows!

Gedsken -photos
At the lake Gerdsken

it's easy to enjoy different seasons during the years. Every 4 years the ice is thick enough to give the people living around it some nice new features. Skating, skiing or just being around for amusements.

Famous buildings on clouds

A friend of mine said, Per, try to get some famous buildings up in your clouds, and here is the result. I hope you enjoy it.

Limited edition of 20 copies, signed by me, Per Nylén.