I use Google translate. :-)
I use Google translate. :-)
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Who lives in the houses?

Nobody knows. But I like to think that the mysterious inhabitants are playful, happy. A little mischievous, even. Just like my way of painting. The heavens may be dark. It’s often at night, maybe winter. But inside the houses, no one is freezing.

Var bor Linn och Holger nu igen.jpg
Look at my photo then 62x24cm 200ppi 5500kr.jpg

At the lake Gerdsken it's easy to enjoy different seasons during the years. Every 4 years the ice is thick enough to give the people living around it some nice new features. Skating, skiing or just being around for amusements.

I like the squares and circles in combination. Together with the crunchy lines and colour palettes. Works inspired by Piet Mondrian and Damien Hirst.

M and H the blueish one.jpg