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I am a painter, photographer and digital artist in my fifties. Living in a small town called Alingsås in the south west of Sweden. I like a good cup of espresso and love music. When painting my own thing, I have no favourites that I try to mimic or imitate. But I am a big fan of Edward Hopper, Piet Mondrian, Chagall and Klee.


For many years I have painted houses on clouds in endless variations, and that has been my hallmark. Nowadays I have focused on more abstract art with digital tools as well. Also, exploring and developing my photography doing 4-colour prints from mostly portraits.


I love music and can spend hours listening to it on my big speaker at home. In my workshop it's often 50% music and 50% silence. When listening to, I prefer pop, soul, jazz and funk all with good melodies. The list can be long, but I listen to Steely Dan, Yellow Jackets, Chaka Khan, Earth wind and fire. All from back then in the 70 and 80’s. Dirty loops, Jacob Collier and Ole Börud are other favourites.


After playing in a pop band in the eighties, I got tired of it and wanted to move on. Industrial designer was my big dream then. After attending art school and trying to get admitted to the designer school, I discovered that art was the thing for me. In the beginning, I made furniture and lamps and other crazy, not industrial design products. In-between all of this I started a firm with my brother making drumsticks.


I mostly work in my studio when painting with acrylic colours. It happens that I sit outside in my backyard sketching or drawing a small piece with acrylic markers in the summer. Wintertime in Sweden is not made for outdoor painting. Making digital art, I often end up on my favourite couch with an iPad in my lap and a nice cup of espresso nearby.


I often hear that my art makes people happy or just gives them a good laugh. And, of course, just the feeling of making things with your own hands is fantastic.


What would life be without film, music, theatres, photos or paintings? It’s a big part of every human life and affects your life in many ways. You just need it!

Hälsningar and Best regards!


Per Nylén

Per Nylen close up
About me on the internet and press:
Nina Ninu

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